JESS SERRAOContractors Lic. #836484

PHONE(530) 592-9157

FAX(530) 896-1621

MAILING ADDRESS2065 Oak Park Ave Chico, CA 95928


JS Construction and Concrete Inc. was founded in 2004, around the time Jess Serrao received his general contracting license. The high demand for concrete at that time led Jess to earn his concrete classification, and since then he has specialized primarily in concrete work.


Jess learned many of the skills that he uses today from working with his father for numerous years, most importantly the attention to detail required while building custom homes. After years of side jobs and weekend work, Jess finally went out on his own and immediately made some very important contacts that have helped him spread the word about his quality work.

Jesse SerraoToday JS Construction and Concrete Inc. has evolved into a 5-8 person operation, equipped with a Bobcat Loader and Mini Excavator. JS Construction and Concrete Inc. is capable of pouring anything from 10K plus square foot slabs, to small patios, to concrete countertops and everything in between. The same attention to detail, the trained and practiced crew, and the desire to make it perfect remain top objectives in all facets of work done by JS Construction and Concrete Inc..


Each new, well done job comes with satisfied and impressed clients that spread the word of top quality work that is completed on time. In fact, JS Construction and Concrete Inc. prides itself on not having to advertise much because each job is an advertisement in itself, and the word of mouth in the Chico, California and surrounding areas has been a great thing.


JS Construction and Concrete Inc. also prides itself on the timeliness and the ability to stay on schedule that construction demands. Whether it be working around numerous other crews on the job site or having to complete a job with very little notice, JS Construction and Concrete Inc. finds a way to get it done and satisfy the client.


Please take a look at the photo gallery or call or email Jess and he would be happy to talk with you about any of your concrete or general construction questions. Thank you.